June 25, 2014 · Vacuum · Comments Off on Upright Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

Are you buying a new vacuum cleaner? You must have checked out the upright vacuum cleaners too that are offered by different brands. In every product there are pros and cons so there are some that you must know about upright vacuum cleaners and then buy it. An upright vacuum is considered as the most common styles that you see in the range of vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, every vacuum is different because these are made differently.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

There is one big flaw with an upright vacuum that it cannot be taken to places that are difficult to reach. This is not the case with a Dyson DC 14, or any other type of Dyson vac. VacuumPick.com mentioned that the distinguishing feature in a Dyson is that it is operated with the ball technology. With the help of the ball technology it is possible to clean hard to reach places. If you don’t choose the Dyson vacuum then you may find it difficult to get a versatile Upright vacuum.

dyson-upright-vacuumYou can reach the hardest place to clean with canister vacuum. Like Stairs, couches, under and behind furniture cannot be safely clean with the flexible and long hose that is present in canister vacuum. In case of canister vacuum the user can face back issues if used for longer time which is not the case of upright vacuum cleaners. For cleaning of larger spaces or homes an upright vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

If you are buying upright vacuum i.e. Dyson DC 14 then there are no other disadvantages except for the one that it cannot reach difficult places. Learn more about Dyson vacuum. One more disadvantage that may be associated with upright vacs is its high price. If you buy any high quality vacuum cleaner such as Dyson then this statement is quite true. The price of the standard vacuums is about $100 or less than that while the cost of DC 14 is about $300. On the other hand, buying quality and durable vacuum is not possible if you can’t spend a little more.

Of course the negative points cannot be ignored when there are positive points in any vacuum cleaner that are highlighted. When you start understanding what the manufacturer is selling to you then you will never make a wrong decision. You should even check how heavy the vacuum is because if you need to take your vacuum to different rooms or floors then a heavy one won’t be easy to carry

After finalizing your decision regarding the choice of a vacuum cleaner between upright vacuum and a canister one the next factor is its price that must not exceed your budget. Some great brands that offer canister or hand held and upright vacuum cleaners are Hoover, Dyson and Bissell.